Dear All

First, my sincere apologies for my lack of recent updates in my blog.

In my defence, the last few months have been rather frantic. I’ve been writing the fifth novel in my Spycatcher series. Yesterday, I completed writing the book and its now with my U.S. HarperCollins editor. It will be published late summer this year. In places, the book has a different style compared to my previous novels. I’ve written my main MI6 protagonist – Will Cochrane – in the first person. I’d decided to do that because so many people have told me they’re fascinated by how spies think.  Writing in the first person is a good way to answer that.

In the last couple of months, my two children and I have moved home, which in its own right was a logistical “challenge”. Then Christmas turned up and I had to metaphorically put my Santa Claus hat on (now there’s a thought – tough Will Cochrane dressing up like Father Christmas for the festive season…).

SLINGSHOT, the third novel in my series, is published this February 12th in paperback in the UK. I’m delighted to see that DARK SPIES, my fourth novel (published late last year), is doing really well and getting great reviews.

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I hope 2015 is thus far proving a great year for you all.

Best wishes


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