I’ve just come back home having spent a blissful week in a remote cottage within the Scottish Highlands. My holiday retreat was adjacent to the River Findhorn, where salmon were jumping, I was fishing for them, and fish and fisherman never once connected! But on the upside, I also took my laptop to the Highlands because the real reason I’d left my wife and kids at home to put myself in forced solitude was to complete my novella “Counterspy” (published by HarperCollins this August). The change of scenery did me the world of good. I fished during the day, and in the evenings lit the kitchen log fire, got venison stew and the like on the go, poured myself a glass of the local Scotch whisky, and wrote.

The draft manuscript is now with my US editor. I’m delighted with the work, and it’s a different style to my previous full length novels, not least because most of the novella is seen in the first person through my protagonist’s eyes. Writing in the first person was a new experience for me, and I had to write far slower than I normally do.

“Dark Spies”, my fourth full length novel (published this October) has had the line edits and copy edits done and is ready to go.

Aside from writing, I was recently heavily featured in a television documentary entitled “Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (shown on Yesterday Channel in the UK, and soon to be aired on PBS in the States).

I’m off to ThrillerFest IX in New York next month, where I’m speaking on a panel and will be at some book signing events.

Back to you soon!

Matthew Dunn
June 2014

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JOyce Gerrick on said:

I just finished Dark Spies. It was fabulous and I could not put it down. Great book.

Joyce gerrick

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