Tomorrow (Tuesday 12th May) I’m participating in the Twitter Fiction Festival [ www.twitterfictionfestival.com ]. My story entry (title “DEAD DAY”) will go out live 9-11 AM U.S.  EST (2-4pm UK time).

The story revolves around an unknown bomber, codename “Splinter”, who is going to bomb an American city sometime tomorrow 9-11 AM EST. Nothing is known about the bomber. There are no leads as to where he or she might strike. Counter-terrorism operative John Harker is on the case and only has 2 hours to identify the bomber’s target. If he fails, tens of thousands of innocents will die.

If you’re a Twitter user, you can follow the story from the POV of the antagonist (Splinter) and the protagonist (Harker). Simply “follow” Splinter’s Twitter handle ( @Splinter_TFF ) and Harker’s handle ( @SpyCatcherTFF ).

I’ve scripted the story and its dynamite! You’re in for one Hell of a (free) Spycatcher yarn. Enjoy and spread the word!

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